acetylating agent

acetylating agent
ацетилирующее средство
ацетилирующий реагент

English-Russian dictionary of chemistre. 2014.

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  • ketene — 1. CH2=C=O; a very reactive acetylating agent, used in chemical syntheses. 2. Any substituted k.. * * * ke·tene kē .tēn n a colorless poisonous gas C2H2O of penetrating odor used esp. as an acetylating agent also any of various derivatives of… …   Medical dictionary

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  • ketene — noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary Date: 1907 a colorless poisonous gas C2H2O of penetrating odor used especially as an acetylating agent; also any of various derivatives of this compound …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Acetylation — Salicylic acid is acetylated to form aspirin Acetylation (or in IUPAC nomenclature ethanoylation) describes a reaction that introduces an acetyl functional group into a chemical compound. (Deacetylation is the removal of the acetyl group.)… …   Wikipedia

  • Dakin–West reaction — The Dakin–West reaction is a chemical reaction that transforms an amino acid into a keto amide using an acid anhydride and a base, typically pyridine.[1][2] …   Wikipedia

  • ketene — [kē′tēn΄] n. [ KET(O) + ENE] 1. a colorless, toxic gas, H2C∶CO, with a penetrating odor, made by passing acetone or acetic acid through hot metal tubes: used esp. as an acetylating agent 2. any of a series of related organic compounds containing… …   English World dictionary

  • acetyl coenzyme A — noun : the coenzyme C21H35N7O16P3SOCCH3 of transacetylase that is formed as an intermediate in metabolism and that takes part in various biological acetylations and is oxidized in the Krebs cycle * * * acetyl coenzyme A, Biochemistry. a compound… …   Useful english dictionary

  • ketene — ˈkēˌtēn noun ( s) Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary ket + ene; originally formed as German keten : a colorless poisonous gaseous compound CH2 . C . O of penetrating odor that is made by pyrolysis of acetic acid or acetone and used as …   Useful english dictionary

  • History of aspirin — The history of aspirin and the medical use of it and related substances stretches back to antiquity, though pure aspirin ( acetylsalicylic acid or ASA ) has only been manufactured and marketed since 1899. Medicines made from willow and other… …   Wikipedia

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